Continuously refreshing our own data by phone, this allows us to offer telemarketing as a solution.

Generate more meaningful conversations with telemarketing appointments and leads.

Turn prospects into customers with our telemarketing team supported by the UK’s most comprehensive B2B database. If you’re a marketer or a salesman, generating leads starts with quality data.

Our Telemarketing solution includes:

High call volumes

Our telemarketing team make between 80-200 calls a day which enables us to produce fantastic results. The technology we have installed means that every call is recorded and a full call report is generated automatically to ensure a full audit trail.


We often use client systems to ensure that all communication notes/meetings are managed through a centralised system.

New prospects available

Additional prospect records are available which can be filtered by company type, location, turnover, employee band, technology used, contact role, communication type and many more. Fill our contact form to find out how many prospects are suitable for you.

Other benefits of Metric Centrals telemarketing solution and database includes:

  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Created and called by a UK company
  • Full audit trail is recorded per call.
  • Data is refreshed by phone to maintain accuracy
  • Complete tailored telemarketing solution as standard.
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Metric Central takes customer success very seriously. This ranges from simple data questions to strategic data management solutions. Supporting our direct mail/telemarketing campaigns monthly to ensure continuous success.

Howard Sloan, Director of Data Strategy and Management