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At Metric Central we support all business sizes to generate fresh leads. strategically planning each campaign to maximise results provides the ultimate return of investment. We charge £250 per telemarketing day which includes 80-150 telemarketing calls alongside a results/call report.

Minimum order is 5 days. 

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Statistically, B2B telemarketing is one of the most effective tools within the marketing mix, delivering tangible results and high-quality sales leads.

It is a highly-effective, measurable and flexible route-to-market. And importantly, the catalyst for sales generation or meeting conversions.

We know the success of a B2B lead generation campaign rests on the ability to create a direct relationship with prospects. And it is telemarketing that plays the integral role in creating, direct and meaningful relations with your sales prospects.

Of course, email tactics play a role in nurturing a sales pipeline. That’s fact. However, telemarketing is paramount to building trust & credibility whilst revealing valuable market insight. It is the essential component to securing highly qualified sales appointments, direct relations and sales-ready leads.

A Strategic Approach to Telemarketing

The Metric Central Partnership takes a strategic approach to delivering high-quality sales leads; nurturing prospects and utilising relationship marketing to deliver a continuous flow of qualified sales appointments.

We specialise in selling high-value, or complex products and services to senior business people, delivered by our team of highly skilled individual sector specialists, each with industry experience across the core sectors.

Benefits of Telemarketing:

  • A proven approach based on industry metrics and insight. Meaning objectives are based on calculated outcomes and achievable results
  • Ready-made, highly-skilled team of business development professionals with industry experience engaging with your new business prospects
  • A flexible approach and a lead campaign tailored to your objectives and growth aspirations
  • A personalised, professional approach to maintain engagement and provide a superior customer experience with  both new and existing clients’

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