Direct Mail

Ensure your message gets delivered effectively and correctly.

Generate more meaningful conversations with direct mail.

Turn prospects into customers with our effective direct mail service supported by our UK master database. . If you’re a marketer or a salesman, generating leads starts with a message delivered right.

Our Direct Mail solution includes:

UK and International Coverage

Working with partners in the UK and Internationally, we are able to undertake in country delivery to ensure deliver-ability and timely results.

24/7 Support

We understand that direct mail campaigns are not created nor sent between 9-5 all the time hence we we offer a full 24/7 support to ensure your campaign is delivered on time.

Additional Data

As a business data provider, we are able to provide additional address records to ensure your speaking to your full target market.

Other benefits of Metric Centrals Direct Mail solution includes:

  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Undertaken by a UK company
  • 24/7 Campaign Support
  • All data records are refreshed by phone to maintain accuracy
  • Each Direct Mail campaign holds a full audit record.
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Metric Central takes customer success very seriously. This ranges from simple data questions to strategic data management solutions. Supporting our direct mail/telemarketing campaigns monthly to ensure continuous success.

Howard Sloan, Director of Data Strategy and Management