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We reveal one easy way that you can increase your sales

We reveal one easy way that you can increase your sales

As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to work smarter, not harder.

Let’s say that you have a sizeable contacts database, but recently you are finding that your leads are drying up and your sales team are struggling to hit their targets. What do you do to resolve this problem?

The first thing that comes to mind is to try and find new businesses to sell to, however finding new business leads and qualifying them can be an extremely long and arduous process, with no guarantees of bringing in results.

So, what do you do instead? The best thing to do is to utilise the data that you already have in your database and see how you can use it to bring in results.

One way that you can use what you have is to see who is already buying your product and services and see if they have any additional branches that you can sell to.

Why identify new branches to sell to?

Identifying new branches that you can sell to is an excellent strategy for helping to increase your sales.

Still not convinced? Some of the reasons why this will work for your business include:

  • It’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is brand-new customers: According to Invespcro, existing customers are 50% more likely than new customers to buy additional products from you, as well as spend 31% more
  • Great chance of making money: If a business has several locations across the country and they all buy your product or service, you have an excellent opportunity to make some serious money!
  • You already have evidence that they are likely to buy: Because other branches in the business have already bought from you, you know that they are likely to need the products and services that you can sell them. On top of that, you can identify their pain points and any questions they may have, making the sales process easier for both you and them
  • Your existing customer can help you sell: Your current customer may be able to introduce you to the people you need to speak to, as well as provide you with a glowing testimonial or recommendation that help increase the likelihood of a sale

How do you find this data?

Your CRM system should ideally contain how many branches each business has. All you need to do is filter your list of current customers, sort by the number of branches and give the data to your salespeople so they can work their magic!

What happens if there are gaps in your data?

If there are gaps in your data, and you do not know how many branches the businesses you sell to have, the next step is to find this information. You can either do this manually or automatically.

If you decide to find this data manually, you will need to assign someone to do some research and get this information. You may be able to go on a company’s website and find out how many branches they have there. Alternatively, you can reach out to someone from the company and see if they would be able to provide this information for you. Once you have it, it’s just a case of uploading it into your CRM.

However, if you have a lot of data you need to find, or if the businesses you work with are not able to help you, you may need a little extra support.

Here at Metric Central, we can audit your existing database, providing you with the additional branch information you need. We take our data from a range of high-quality, reputable databases and all data we supply is updated on a daily basis, ensuring that the data that we give to you is up to date and accurate. All you need to do is to take the data and append it to your existing contacts database.

We can also supply you with additional data about the businesses in your database including the name and email address of the company decision-maker as well as company size, helping you to expand your knowledge of the businesses that you work with.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation review and see how we can help you use your existing data to work smarter and increase the number of leads at your disposal.

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