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Can bulk sales emails ever be personal?

Can bulk sales emails ever be personal?

For many years now, sending out bulk emails to a wealth of contacts at once has proven to be a useful way to market your business and maximise your sales. Of course, there are many benefits of taking this approach, such as saving time and money. But, it is essential to know that it can also have a negative impact on your business and how it is seen. 

The good news for those businesses who want to use bulk sales emails is that you can, whilst still giving your emails a truly personalised feel that will make sure that they feel less like you have been batch sending them out. 

Always use their name

One of the simplest ways to make sure that your emails are as personalised as possible is to add the first name of the person receiving it into both the subject line and the intro to the email. This is easy enough to do when utilising software for your marketing emails. 

Or try other personal touches

While names are the most apparent unique identifier that you can use within a marketing email, you can consider various other options instead. You could refer to where they live or perhaps the social media platform they follow you on (if you have this type of information). 

The trick is to make sure that your email feels as personal as possible, but it doesn’t ever feel that you are being intrusive. 

Target your emails in sections

When you take the time to collect data that relates to your customers, it makes sense that you will want to find a way to use it. One great option for you to consider is breaking your target list into sections and then sending out emails that relate to them. 

There are lots of different ways that you can segment your email list. You can set them out by the stage of their customer journey, lifestyle choices, or values. As well as many other options. 

Time it right

How often have you almost bought something online, only to receive an email from the company you purchased from giving you money off or simply getting in touch with you? There is a reason for this, and it is something that you can then use to your advantage as a business owner. Sending a free shipping offer or a small discount on a purchase when someone has added your items to their basket is a great way to tempt them to finish off their purchase. 

Email marketing is still a valuable way to market your business and try to bring in more sales. However, the vital thing to remember about email marketing is that you need to ensure that you get it right. Otherwise, it may end up being a waste of time or even damage your business's reputation. 

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