A dynamic combination of services geared to maximise your return on investment (ROI). Whether you’re looking to enter a new market, expand your reach to a worldwide audience, or reactivate dormant accounts, we have the expertise, solutions, and people to help you develop your impact and market share.

We create targeted, memorable, and quantifiable campaigns, and we are not content until you see extraordinary results and a positive return on investment (ROI).

When you join with us, you have a partner who is receptive to your needs, provides candid advice and is motivated by your success. Each interaction is handled with care and skill to establish profitable long-term connections. When done correctly, outsourced sales may be a highly effective way to market, assisting you in differentiating your brand and communicating your value to the relevant decision-makers.

Key Features:


Trial First

Start small and scale. We take the risk away by testing us on a small scale. We wont let you down.

Data quality guarantee

Fuelled by Quality Data

To give you confidence and peace of mind, we offer a 95% accuracy guarantee on all data supplied.

Archery Target

Calling success up-to 9%+

The industry standard is 1.3% success on calling, we consistently achieve a lot higher.

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Fueling Europe's biggest companies

Consistently providing results for Europe's biggest B2B companies.

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Consistent Flow of Leads

Ensure that your business is getting a consistent flow of hot leads to grow.

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Complete Market Coverage

We use all the trustworthy data sources across the globe to ensure complete coverage of business and contact details.

Lead Generation

Increase sales through targeted lead generation that returns 4-5 the investment. We can help you locate the ideal markets for what you do and advance your sales process in line with your company’s aims and ambitions, regardless of the industry. We establish rapport with important decision-makers, explain your brand and services to them, increase awareness, and generate crucial warm leads for your sales staff.

A consistent methodology is required to refine your target market, identify the appropriate decision-makers, and deliver high-quality leads that convert to sales. To maximise the benefit of these activities, significant time must be spent getting them right. This is the value we provide our clients, allowing them to focus on their core activities while remaining confident in our ability to produce the pipeline they require to develop.

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Some of our brilliant customers

Outbound Calling

Our tested telemarketing technique has resulted in the success of hundreds of campaigns for clients across a broad spectrum of company models and industries.

We have had success with up to 9% of our calling campaigns (Industry standard is 1.3%).

Whatever your objectives, we will listen to you and create a bespoke campaign connected with your brand and vision, one that will achieve your goals, develop connections that will result in future success, and generate sales and a boost to your bottom line. Every one of our campaigns is different, and we also push for a ‘proof of concept’ route, which gives you a test campaign for 2-4 weeks.

With our devoted team and tested techniques, you can rest assured that each discussion will be handled carefully. We provide transparent reporting on every campaign activity and record each call.

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Let us book more appointments for your diary when you need them.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting on an outbound basis, placing you in front of your clients.

Think about the amount of time you could save by connecting with important decision-makers in your targeted target market who are already familiar with and engaged with your services.

Our outbound appointment-making service is designed to ensure that the week ahead is filled with important interactions, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on acquiring new clients.

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Make sure that your B2B events are at fully capacity

Event Marketing

Why would you send a direct postal or email invitation if it is so easily ignored?

Telemarketing is the most effective method of increasing brand recognition and event attendance for any event. Direct communication with the appropriate persons has been shown to increase attendance.

We have vast marketing experience for various events. We have developed event marketing plans for numerous top-ranking businesses, ranging from food and beverage producers to international sports teams.

Each Event Marketing campaign is customised for your organisation.

We design each event while maintaining the brand’s identity and mission through strategic telemarketing to the targeted demographic.

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Ensure you're getting qualified leads and not just leads.

Lead Qualification

It’s no secret that a lead is no longer a lead. You must qualify the lead to determine where the prospect is in the buying process and their value.

There are many techniques available in today’s marketing scene that enable you to understand your leads’ stages. However, there is one time-tested technique that routinely outperforms the rest.

This is where telemarketing and human communication come into play.

A quick call with an unqualified lead throughout our lead generation and business development process provide us with the information we require.

Telephone conversations with leads can assist us in further qualifying that lead. We inquire about objections, budget, and pain points, among other things.

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Our key questions

During telemarketing campaigns, we frequently rely on key questions to qualify leads for our clients. These are the questions we ask prospective clients to ensure we do not miss any possibilities;

Is there an issue they're having that you can help them with?

Is their budget compatible with the cost of services?

How is their timeline structured?

Are they a suitable match for your organisation?

With a focus on human communication, telemarketing elicits candid and direct responses from your target audience. If we can elicit responses to these kinds of inquiries, you’ll know where and when to spend your time, increasing your chances of converting your leads.

A "live" lead

These responses are provided by someone who is now on the phone, providing a quick response to your inquiries.

As a result, telemarketing is one of the most successful methods of generating quality leads. And, let’s face it, a few qualified leads is vastly preferable to a large number of unqualified leads.

While inbound leads generated by digital marketing supply you with prospects, conversing with them provides you with a better understanding of where they are in the purchase cycle.

Telemarketing lead generation campaigns swiftly discover the contact you require, the answers you seek, and any obstacles that may occur, allowing you to address them and create trust, rapport, and comfort.

Additionally, the qualification is personal, and you can convey a stronger sense of your company’s identity.

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Telemarketing Campaigns with Metric Central!

We collaborate with clients to help create leads and qualify them over the phone to understand precisely how their purchasing decisions are progressing. We establish conversion rate targets to focus on what matters most to your business: ROI and increased revenue. Lead nurturing is also a significant component of what we do, as it is critical in making sure that we do not miss out on fantastic chances for your business.

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